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Lad from Mangalore earns PM’s appreciation for his innovation in agriculture

Hailing from Bannur in Puttur, Rakesh Krishna is a 16year old boy studying PCME at Expert PU college, Valachil. Unlike other ordinary pre university scholars Rakesh proudly stands to be one of the awardees for Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar (PMRBP) award among nine others. His innovation ‘Seedographer’ won hearts and special  attention from the PM of our nation. 

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As a young student from Vivekananda English medium school, Puttur ;Rakesh was inclined towards agriculture. Seeing the actual problems of farmers on the field, this seedographer was designed. When Rakesh was in sixth standard he had developed an outline of this model. 

Seedographer is basically a seeding machine for systematic sowing. It has a metal sheet framework, weighing about 18-20kg.As this equipment moves in the fields it opens furrows into which seeds are placed at prescribed distance. In addition to this little water sprinkling can be fitted to ensure moisture for optimum germination. Fertilizer can also be added to this simple equipment. Lastly there is a plate that covers the sown seed systematically. 

As far as the working is concerned, Rakesh assures that Seedographer has been tested in his farm and has efficiency of seeding 2.5acres of land in minimum time of less than 15 hours. Ultimately this equipment aims and fulfills to reduce labour, time and money.

Talking about the virtual meeting with the PM, Rakesh expresses his joy in meeting the honorable prime minister and hopes to meet him in person. AmHis happiness is escalated from the special appreciation bestowed on him by the PM. 

In future, Rakesh aims in creating many more innovations aiding farmers and farming. His target is towards the unified farming approach just like the Seedographer – applicable for wet as well as dry sowing. As an award winner of the highest civilian award for those under 18years, Rakesh is a budding innovator especially in the field of farming. At a young age Rakesh  bagged the Gold medal and was chosen to represent in the International Science programme in Japan. Also his multipurpose  machine used for dry sowing won appreciation from farmers from UP and Rajasthan at Rashtrapati Bhavan(2017) costing just Rs.4,000 to Rs.8,000/-.

His parents, Ravishankar K and Durgarathna C, are indeed proud to have a son who stands to give to the bread givers of the nation.

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