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Locals Urge The Running Of KSRTC Buses,For Students’ Safety

With the meagre liberty during this covid pandemic, leading to reopening of several schools and colleges, the daily transit to offline classes has become a dilemma. This has led to plea by the locals of Padibagilu, Bantwal taluk to run the KSRTC buses  full-fledged.

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Following the SOP’s during this covid times the schools and colleges have decided on conducting offline classes, by ensuring that the academic year isn’t lost. Amidst the delight and tension of offline classes the students travelling by bus are facing a new challenge of travelling in the crowded, limited buses.Though enough buses used to run between Vittal and Alike during pre-covid due to lockdown and the pandemic the functional buses were curbed down.

Parents, enthusiastic about school reopening are still in fear of covid, moreover the recent mishaps on road has added to their agitation.Due limited buses the students are bound to occupy the foot board and hang on windows to reach their school. During one such case a girl student has fallen and was injured, travelling on footboard. In another instance a woman was thrown out from a crowded bus and was injured.After such miseries few students in fear have opted to walk all the way to school via Padi Bagilu.

Owing to such occurrences the concerned citizens and locals have petitioned the concerned officials to increase in the number of functionable KSRTC buses. Also there have been suggestions on diverting the Mithanadka-Padyana bus from Vittal to Alike through Bairikatte appearing that the bus always runs empty.

During tough times like this it is important that all facilities must be made public friendly  avoiding any further distress.

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