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Mangalore airport’s random testing discovers 5 positive cases in a month

In less than a month, the standard of 2% random sampling of travelers from non-risk nations to undertake the RT-PCR test has revealed five positive cases. The random tests were done at Mangaluru International Airport on arrival. On arrival at MIA on January 10, 2022, about 415 passengers were identified by various airlines for RT-PCR testing. Five people who had Covid-negative results from their respective boarding sites tested positive.

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Random testing has prevented several rogue cases that may have spread COVID-19. The vast majority of people who tested positive were from Gulf states. Quarantine is required for those who tested positive. Passengers from non-risk countries who are not tested on arrival are asked to self-quarantine and be tested later. The objective of quarantine is to prevent a traveler from becoming a possible carrier of a virus that has been infected while in transit. This is undetectable during the RT-PCR test performed shortly after arrival. 

On November 30, travelers from countries other than those at risk must be allowed to leave the airport and self-monitor their health for 14 days after arrival. At the airport, a random subset of 2% of all passengers will be submitted to a post-arrival test. So far, 819 passengers have been identified, but none have tested positive.


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