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Mangalore and Udupi night curfew to be implemented strictly

The night curfew declared by the State Government from December 28 to January 7 to restrict the spread of COVID-19 would be strictly followed across the district. Deputy Commissioner told a news conference in Udupi that the number of guests allowed at weddings and other festivities will be limited to 300, and that restaurants, bars, and pubs will be able to accommodate just 50% of their sanctioned capacity between December 30 and January 2. All programs that happen overnight including Kambala and Yakshagana should be stopped by 10 pm. There is no relaxation in this rule.

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A night curfew will be imposed between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. COVID-19 testing has been ordered by the Deputy Commissioner for those coming into the area from Kerala and Maharashtra. There will be no commercial activity allowed during the night curfew, and people must stay indoors unless they have to attend to important responsibilities. However, road, rail, and air transportation services are permitted during the night curfew.

The New Year’s Eve celebration guidelines will be in effect from December 30 to January 2, during which time no special programs, including DJ orchestras and cultural programs, will be permitted in clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, or even private residences. Residents of apartment complexes may celebrate the New Year within the premises, strictly adhering to COVID-19’s appropriate behavior. No group dances or DJ orchestras are allowed.

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