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Mangalore Buse To Go Completely Digital, For Now Ullal And Talapady Routes

   A new initiative has been taken by Mangalore, Digital passes with live bus tracking Will come to all buses in Mangalore. For now, it was introduced on Ullal and Talapady routes which are 42 and 44 buses on Monday.

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  “The ‘Digital Buses’ initiative, Chalo App, in collaboration with bus operators, has introduced digital passes and live tracking on the two major routes. The digital pass structure is intended to make commuter travel more affordable, convenient, and hassle-free. Thousands of commuters on the State Bank-Thokottu-Talapady and State Bank-Thokottu-Ullal routes will benefit”, said Sudesh, Chalo Card’s marketing head. 

  Commuters can purchase the digital cards at the registration counters set up at 45 bus stands on the routes. The cards can also be purchased from conductors. The passengers can use the card for four trips a day and it offers a 10% wallet discount on every ticket. The number of prepaid trips in the card will be reduced when it is tapped to the handheld machine with the conductors. 

  Meanwhile, commuters also can purchase mobile passes by activating the Chalo mobile phone app. The QR code on the app will be scanned by the conductor using the machine to validate the mobile pass. Currently, 20,000 passengers are using Chalo cards on other routes in the city. Chalo is a leading bus transport technology company with operations in 37 cities in India.

 District Private Bus Operators Association president Jayasheela Adyanthaya said that the Chalo card will be issued on other routes on a regular basis in the coming days.

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