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Mangalore city Police chase & Nabs a Mobile thief

Mangalore: Varun Alva, a police officer who allegedly spotted a person snatching a cellphone and fleeing caught him in a movie-style chase. After a tense chase, the cop was able to pin the robber down and took the help of the public to capture him.

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The phone belonged to a granite worker, Prem Narayan yogi from north India who was sleeping at Nehru Maidan. The man who lost the phone also followed the thief. When the police officer observed this, he followed the fleeing thief and captured him. 

Sub-Inspector (ARSI) Varun Alva

Shamanth (20), a resident of Attavar, has been arrested. They work as a group of 4–5 people. Varun Alva, an Assistant Reserve Sub-Inspector, had apprehended another suspect, Harish Poojary (32) by chasing and holding him down. The department shall award and honor ARSI Varun Alva for his bravery. 

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