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Mangalore To Have Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Mangalore can now witness god gifted beauty of nature, the garden filled with butterflies. The three-acre land, behind Mangala stadium, which was filled with garbage is turned into a beautiful butterfly garden now.

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More than 6000 fruit, medicinal and flower plants are occupying the three acres area now. Butterflies that come in groups are a treat to watch.

Raviraj Shetty and M D Sreekumar are those behind this very thoughtful initiative. Every day they work for two hours in the garden and clean it by removing dried leaves. They also bring plants from home and their native place. Manure is obtained from their personal funds. They never boast of what they have done. Instead, they work like silent warriors for the environment.

This park is now a walking spot for many older people, women and children. They feel happy and refreshed to be around the garden. Children run around the butterflies as they fly from one flower to another. Sometimes even you can enjoy the beauty of peacocks aswell.

Raviraj and Sreekumar say, “Four years ago no one used to come to this place due to the garbage that was being dumped here. When we first came to clean the area, many taunted us which we ignored. We took care of plants every day and that resulted in this beautiful park.”


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