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Mangalore University decides against digitally evaluating final examinations

Earlier, Mangalore University had its plans set to evaluate about 2.5 lakh final semester examination answer scripts of 2019-2020 digitally. Now, they have decided against conducting evaluation in that manner. Instead, they will follow the conventional method of evaluation, mentioned P.L. Dharma, Registrar(Evaluation) of Mangalore University.

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The reasons for deciding against the digital evaluation can be cited as two, the teachers or evaluators who are new to the digital arena may find it difficult to cope with and in turn may take more time for evaluation. This can delay the announcements of results. 

In addition, interrupted internet connectivity and power supply especially in areas like Udupi and Kodagu which were affected by last month’s heavy rains and floods can pose a problem to evaluation centres being viable there. Moreover, the government had not approved of the digital methodology, thus the University has decided to evaluate conventionally. 

Over 50,000 students and  48,000 students in post graduate and undergraduate levels respectively have attempted the examinations. Evaluation of answer scripts of post-graduate examinations that finished on October 6 has started while that of the undergraduate level, completed on October 19, is set to be evaluated from October 27. 50% of the postgraduate scripts have already been completed.  The evaluation of undergraduate examination answer scripts will be done in 3 centres in Dakshina Kannada while in Udupi and Kodagu, one centre each will evaluate within five days spanning from October 27 to October 31. 

In contrast to previous years where there was a centralised evaluation centre in Mangalore and took about 13 days to complete evaluation, this year, dividing the centres into 5, early completion is expected. 

The centres in Mangalore are the University College,  Canara College and Government First Grade College. In Udupi  it will be conducted in MGM College while FMKM College in Madikeri will be the centre. 

The university has also ensured that the answer scripts will reach the centres well in advance to avoid any delay. The announcement of results will also be done at the earliest so that students can plan for their future and join for further studies for the year 2020-2021 latest by November 15.

The university Registrar also mentioned that answer scripts of 60 students from  Bhutan, Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshadweep Islands and in Dharwad in the Postgraduate and undergraduate levels have reached the university for evaluation. 

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