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Mangalore University is likely to start classes for PG students by mid-December

In mid-December, Mangalore University is expected to start first-year post-graduation studies. Due to the late publication of the sixth-semester results, the academic year was postponed. The results, which were expected to be released by the second week of November, were postponed owing to a technical issue and other issues.

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Following the delay, MU continuously extended the deadline for submitting full applications for all PG programs, PG diplomas, and certificate programs offered at its campus and other campuses under its administration (currently, it is extended till December 9). they are now preparing to proceed as planned, after the announcement of the sixth-semester results a few days ago. There will be no more extensions, and the academic year will likely begin around the middle of December. This will be decided during a meeting on Saturday, “stated the MU registrar.

As per MU sources, the institution will be unable to begin PG sessions until local students apply for admission. Candidates from other institutions have previously applied for the courses after receiving their results some months earlier. Only at MU was it postponed, putting students’ academic and career goals in jeopardy. About 30–40% of our PG admissions come from individuals who studied at MU, with the rest coming from other universities. The final UG semester results were released a few days ago. MU vice-chancellor stated MU would not further postpone the commencement of the academic year.

All MU PG courses used to start in August, as per the academic calendar. The epidemic, on the other hand, had an impact on the calendar. It’s past time for MU to stick to its academic timetable without causing trouble for students. The commencement of PG classes, which was intended to be on November 18, was repeatedly postponed. A senior lecturer remarked that students who wish to get into jobs or other colleges are on the receiving end.

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