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Mangalore University to announce pending results of even semester

The pending results of the UG second semester examinations held in September/October 2022 will be released within a week, according to the registrar (evaluation) of Mangalore University, Raju Krishna Chalannavar (MU).

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The roughly five-month delay in evaluating second-, fourth-, and sixth-semester exam papers has infuriated students and faculty at the University of Missouri. Regarding the September/October 2022 UG September/October examinations, Chalannavar informed STOI that MU had thus far released the results for the sixth and fourth semesters. To present, the university has only published the results for BCA and BHRD (second semester). In one week, the pending results of the second semester will be announced. The delay was caused by a glitch in UUCMS (Unified University College Management System).

The remaining 30% of access to UUCMS remains with the company’s headquarters in Bengaluru. We require comprehensive access, which will eliminate all of these concerns,’ Chalannavar continued. MU has revealed around 99 percent of first-semester postgraduate results. Chalannavar stated that during the second semester of PG, the university only issued the results for the MBA, while the results for the remaining courses are on hold due to UUCMS. To resolve the UUCMS issue, the university intends to send MU’s technical employees to Bengaluru to be trained by the system’s administrators, or to invite the system’s administrators to MU’s campus to train the staff there.

Commerce/ language evaluation Exams for the first, third, and fifth semesters are now being administered. In order to accelerate the review process, language and business topics will be evaluated first, according to Chalannavar. The current semester examination will conclude on February 27. “The examination will begin on March 1 with language papers, followed on March 10 by BA and BCA courses.” BCom/BBA examination papers will begin to be graded on March 12. We anticipate completing the entire examination by the end of March, as stated by Raju Krishna Chalannavar.

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