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Mangalore’s first cargo ship to Maldives Islands

Fruits, vegetables and organic manure left for Maldives Islands old port of Mangalore in the first cargo ship from the city to the islands on Monday. The name of the ship was MSV Noore Al-Kadari-II and it carried 200 tons of goods from the port and left for its destination and it is expected to reach four days later on Thursday.

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If one was at the Mangalore old port on Monday, one would have noticed that after a long break of 8 months, small ships were also set to commute from Mangalore to Lakshadweep islands. Export activities are now expected to move in the positive direction in the Old port after the eight month intermission due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The Contractor said that export will experience the increase due to the new business connections Mangalore will now have with Maldives Islands especially as the islands depend on other countries for fruits and vegetables. He was also of the opinion that as the islands are abundant with coconut plantations and other farms, they require organic manure made of coconut husks and cow dung which can easily be found in coastal regions like Mangalore.

Mangalore expects that the first ship leaving the city will be the start to many more positive business relations with Maldives islands. As of now, the ship is set to sail to the islands for export twice a month.

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