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Mangaluru: A 70-year-old woman walks 4-5 km to feed street dogs.

Shalet, a 70-year-old Mangalore resident, cooks rice at home every day and feeds it to the street dogs in the evening. During the lockdown, as a curfew was imposed, most of the people on the street were busy providing lunch to the workers. Several NGOs are active in this regard. There were no vehicles available during the curfew, so she used to walk for about four kilometers a day to serve the street dogs.

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Firstly, she puts a piece of banana leaf on a piece of paper and serves it with sambar mixed rice. Dogs recognize her and happily consume all of the food. She speaks with them and the dogs wags their tails to display their obedience.

Talking about this, Shalet said, “We have a mouth. When we get hungry, we express that.

Who cares about the street dogs’ hunger? Don’t they even have to live? That’s why I serve meals every day. It takes about 15 to 20 kilos of rice a day. “

She used to buy food items from a shop and told the shopkeeper it was for the dogs. He used to give it away at a cheap rate because it was for good deeds. She owns an estate in Sakleshpur and now lives in a small house in Mangalore. When there was a financial issue, she sold the jewelry and bought food items with the money from it. According to her, some people will voluntarily come forward and offer assistance.

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