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Mangaluru: Air quality in the city remains good – Pollution Control Board

Mangaluru‘s air quality has remained good in comparison to other cities in the country. The level of quality has remained consistent. As per figures compiled by the pollution control board, pollution was not overwhelming even during the Diwali celebration. Dusty air was seen in a few spots on the fringes of the city around a month ago. It stayed that way for a week, but the environment is now clear thanks to the rain that followed. Dusty weather was also present last week, as you may recall. Officials claim that the climate is no longer a concern because the city has more greenery and more plants are being planted wherever possible to keep the environment cleaner.

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The percentage is higher in Baikampady and Suratkal, where pollution levels are higher due to their closeness to factories. The Mangaluru Smart City Project has deployed measuring machines in five locations to keep track of air quality. They are located in the corporation building at Lalbagh, the town hall in Hampankatta, near Ambedkar Circle, the block education office in Bolar, and near Crescent School in Bunder. The Pollution Control Board receives data from the command and control center directly. The data is also available through the OneTouch app.

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