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Mangaluru airport distributes saplings to passengers for New Year

On January 1, Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) welcomed 2022 in an environmentally responsible manner with a ‘Green New Year’ campaign. At the exit of the arrival hall, passengers were met with neatly arranged saplings of various fruit-bearing trees.

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Passengers who showed their boarding card were given free seedlings with the request to care for them for the following three months in exchange for an MIA gift voucher. Passengers were asked to send images of themselves planting the sapling and its progress after 90 days, and MIA will send them a gift voucher via email.


MIA arranged 150 chikoo, mango, jackfruit, and guava plants. Mango varieties Neelam, Mallika, Alphonso, and Banganapalli, honey and gumless jackfruit, and guava variants Arka Kirana, Pink Guava, Malaysian Jambu, and Pink Jambu were available to fruit enthusiasts. Passengers chose mango and guava plant saplings as their favourites. Passengers reacted positively to the effort, particularly those who had space in their homes to plant and care for the sapling, and they chose saplings of their choice.

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