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Mangaluru becomes the command and control center for all tracks

The city’s Command and Control Center, the country’s second center after Ludhiana in Punjab, became fully operational on Tuesday, February 1. The center includes a central communication system and keeps track of everything, including solid waste management, bus transportation, environmental control, and disaster management. On large smart screens, all of this is broadcast.

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Solid waste management

The QR codes are pasted on buildings across the city. The QR codes are scanned by the workers that visit the households for solid waste collection. If they gather waste, the information is sent to the headquarters. The headquarters also receives data on the number of garbage loads that arrive at the dumping yard.

Intelligent Transport System

All KSRTC buses are equipped with GPS to assist passengers in navigating the city. At the smart bus stops, boards have been placed with the arrival and departure times, as well as boarding points, stops, and destinations. In addition, information regarding the bus’s speed will be provided.

Unified Message System

The government will utilize a unified message system to send messages to the general public about COVID, vaccination, and other matters. The messages, which are prepared at the center, are delivered to the deputy commissioner. The messages are sent to all of the registered cellphones as soon as he approves them.

Disaster management

When a natural calamity, accident, or disaster happens in the city, the information is relayed to the command center by citizens, who then pass it on to the police, fire department, and ambulance service, among others, so that they can respond quickly.

Environment sensor

The corporation building, Crescent School in Bunder, Town Hall, Block Education Office in Bolar, and near Ambedkar Circle in Balmatta have all been fitted with sensors. These sensors send data on air quality, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and other quantities to a central screen, which is shown. If necessary, the parties involved will take action.

OneTouch app

The public can use the OneTouch Mangalore app to access the apps loaded in the command center. In the next few days, people will be able to download the same. They may also read QR codes and, if necessary, file complaints. As a domain specialist for the Command and Control System, the local government would respond appropriately.

Police surveillance

Smart poles have been set up at 14 locations for traffic police to monitor traffic violations. Each pole has five cameras, each capable of zooming 360 degrees, for a total zooming capacity of 500 meters. In case of an emergency, the center gets video calls and the concerned will respond to the concern.

Emergency call box

In 14 locations around Karachi, an emergency call box has been installed. The box communicates with the command room immediately through a video or audio call. The operators of the box recently assisted a traffic policeman in clearing traffic gridlock. The complaints are then forwarded to the appropriate authorities.


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