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Mangaluru City installs 98 new CCTV cameras to crack down on traffic violations and crime

Mangaluru City has installed 98 new CCTV cameras at various spots in the city to capture images of motorists disobeying traffic rules, committing crimes, and engaging in other illegal activities. The project, which was undertaken by Trinity Technologies & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hubli, is aimed at keeping a closer eye on traffic violators and maintaining law and order.

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The decision to install the CCTV cameras was prompted by numerous complaints from citizens about traffic problems in the city. The cameras have been placed at all major junctions in the city to aid in traffic maintenance and crime control. The traffic police in Mangaluru City have reported a significant increase in traffic violations by motorists, including rash driving, riding without helmets, jumping signal lights, using mobile phones while driving, using high beam headlights, and not wearing seat belts. These violations pose a safety hazard to other motorists and pedestrians on the road. The new CCTV cameras will provide the police with footage of traffic violators at traffic-intensive areas, allowing them to identify and prosecute offenders. The cost of the installation of the cameras was nearly Rs 90 lakhs.

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