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Mangaluru International Airport Introduces Automatic Number Plate Recognition System for Seamless Entry and Exit

Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) has recently implemented an innovative solution to streamline the entry and exit process for vehicles. In a press release issued on Saturday, MIA announced the successful implementation of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system coupled with e-payment technology, such as FASTag, to facilitate convenient and efficient transactions for airport users.

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The ANPR system, installed at the airport’s entry booths, employs cutting-edge technology to read the number plates of vehicles entering the airport through any of the four designated lanes. If a vehicle exits the airport within the allotted free passage time of 10 minutes, the boom barrier at the exit booths automatically opens, allowing a seamless departure.

For individuals requiring extended parking beyond the free passage time, the system offers the option to pay the prescribed parking fee digitally or in cash at the central pay station located on the lower ground floor near the flag post. Remarkably, those who opt to pay at the parking pre-payment counter receive an additional 10 minutes of buffer time to exit the parking lot by scanning their receipt at the exit booth, as stated in the release.

The parking facility at Mangaluru International Airport offers multiple slots based on the duration of stay, including slots for up to 30 minutes, up to two hours, and every additional two hours up to 8 hours. For longer durations, there is a slot for 8 hours up to 24 hours and beyond. The inclusion of buffer time provides users with the flexibility of not having to pay for the next parking slot if applicable.

To enhance user convenience, the airport encourages customers to utilize FASTag, an electronic toll collection system, as their preferred mode of payment. By entering the airport through the FASTag lane, passengers can enjoy a seamless passage and subsequently exit via the dedicated FASTag lane as well. MIA is currently in the process of implementing FASTag technology across all entry and exit lanes.

In an effort to prioritize the swift movement of emergency response vehicles, such as ambulances and crash-fire tenders, MIA has recently introduced an additional emergency lane adjacent to lane one at the exit. This initiative aims to ensure rapid access for emergency vehicles, particularly during peak traffic periods at the existing exit lanes, according to the press release.

The introduction of the ANPR system, combined with e-payment technology like FASTag, reflects Mangaluru International Airport’s commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers and improving traffic management within the airport premises. The seamless entry and exit process, along with dedicated emergency lanes, contribute to the airport’s vision of providing efficient and convenient services to its patrons.

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