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 Mangaluru International Airport Is Turning Into Greenery

Mangaluru International Airport is turning into greenery – both inside and outside the new integrated terminal building. Under this exercise work, the airport has drawn up plans to plant more than 10000 plants. Guided by a horticulture expert, the airport has taken a beautiful step toward making local flora part of its fast-developing landscape.

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  More than 600 pots containing local varieties of ornamental plants at vantage locations – both on the curbside and inside the terminal, is in progress. Care has been taken to choose plants that require minimal care to ensure optimum utilization of natural resources otherwise needed. Plants have been placed in pots with potting mixtures that consume less water.

  One can find varieties of plants around the airport, including Alpinia purpurata that grow to a height of 2-feet. Its bright flower adds to the beauty of the terminal. On the curbside, the sight of various local species of palms such as areca nut and coconut, and so on will welcome visitors. One will also see Ashoka tree, Cassia tree, bamboo, shrubs such as Lilly, and hibiscus vie for attention in a landscape that is poised to reflect vibrant colours. 

  A total of 52 varieties of locally available indoor and outdoor varieties have been handpicked by the curating team to add to the aesthetic appeal at the airport. While all the indoor varieties of plants have been planted in large and small pots, the outdoor varieties have been planted in soil. The outdoor plants when in full bloom over a period will also enhance the visual appearance.

  On the curbside, the airport has also initiated a move to minimize the use of water through drip irrigation. Sprinklers too have been installed to water the lawn area more efficiently, Plans are also afoot to develop an in-house nursery to replenish the plant varieties. The plants in full bloom will only add to the memories that stakeholders will carry from this #GatewayToGoodness.

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