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Mangaluru: Police chief praises driver and conductor for returning Rs. 10,000 found in bus

In an admirable gesture, the driver and conductor of a private bus returned Rs. 10,000 that they found in their bus at Talapady checkpoint. Mahesh Travels’ employees, conductor Althaf and driver Dinakar returned the money to the police commissioner’s office. 

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The police commissioner, N. Shashi Kumar, told the reporters, Conductor Althaf, a Talapady resident, found Rs. 10,000 on a bus seat. He spoke with Dinakar about the situation, and the two returned the money to the police commissioner’s office.  The cops were also praised by the police commissioner for their forthrightness. He also stated that anybody who lost money on the bus may get it through the commissioner’s office. Both Althaf and Dinakar told the reporters that they returned everything they found on the bus because it was the proper thing to do.

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