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Mangaluru Residents in Kalladka Face Persistent Issues Due to Limited Rainwater Drainage Space Amid NH 75 Flyover Construction

Heavy traffic congestion and waterlogging on National Highway 75, the crucial route connecting Bengaluru and Mangaluru, caused significant disruption over the past weekend. The situation became particularly challenging around Kalladka town due to a series of holidays, forcing vehicles to crawl through the slush-filled carriageway.

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The slow progress of the ongoing construction of a 2.1-kilometer flyover in Kalladka town and the absence of proper rainwater drainage facilities on the service roads exacerbated the problem. Accumulated water on the road made driving a miserable experience for motorists, and pedestrians navigating through the busy town faced similar hardships.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) Mangaluru Project Implementation Unit Director, Abdulla Javed Azmi, shed light on the challenges faced by the authorities. He explained that the construction of the flyover girders was progressing slowly due to the limited right of way (RoW) in Kalladka town, which measures only 40 meters. Mr. Azmi stated that property owners along the highway now recognize the need for more land acquisition, suggesting a minimum RoW of 45 meters.

Moreover, the limited space for the carriageway made it challenging to establish proper rainwater drainage systems. However, Mr. Azmi revealed that the girders are ready for launch and have been stationed outside the town.

Despite these constraints, NHAI aims to complete the girder launch from the Bantwal side to Kalladka-Vittal Junction by the end of November. Subsequently, NHAI plans to address the carriageway issues, including rainwater drainage. The RoW widens somewhat after the junction towards Mani, which allows for a faster girder launch in that section.

As travelers continue to navigate NH-75, authorities are working diligently to improve road conditions and alleviate the challenges posed by heavy traffic and waterlogging.

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