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Mangaluru Residents Must Register on Portal for Rain and Flood Damage Relief

Individuals who have experienced property and housing losses due to floods and heavy rainfall are required to register on the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation portal to access additional compensation.

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The initial phase of compensation is provided to those who have suffered property and housing damages in July as a result of floods and rainfall. To receive supplementary compensation, an appointed joint committee, led by the District Collector (DC), conducts on-site assessments to categorize the affected houses into A, B1, B2, or C groups. Following classification, the information is recorded on the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation portal. The directive specifies that compensation must be distributed within 20 days of the joint committee’s field evaluation.

Previously, compensation adhered to the guidelines of the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). However, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has engaged in video conferences with District Collectors (DCs), urging them to provide extra compensation.

Houses falling under the A category, which have incurred over 75% damage, will receive Rs 5 lakhs. Those classified as B1, with damages ranging from 25% to 75%, will be eligible for Rs 3 lakhs compensation. Houses in the B2 category, sustaining damages of 25% to 75% and necessitating reconstruction, will receive Rs 5 lakhs. In the C category, where damage amounts to 15.25%, a compensation of Rs 50,000 is allocated.

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