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Mangaluru to be void of water scarcity this summer

Thumbe vented dam, sole supplier of water to the coastal city, has the water level of six metres  in the present. Owing to this the city of Mangaluru is least likely to face any glitches in the availability of water.

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Unlike in the year of 2019, the city faced adverse water scarcity problems due to the decreased water level in the Thumbe dam. But this year the water level is sufficiently enough for the city to pass through the seaside summer. Now the excess water is also being released once in three days from the Thumbe dam as well as Sambhoor AMR dam. 

Similarly due to continuous water inflow and the level of water in the dam, there wasn’t any water crisis the previous year too. To the delight of Mangaloreans the main water feeding streams and areas have received rainfall during  January and  February with no additional need to ration the water. 

With the inauguration of the new dam with seven metres capacity the water scarcity is an old tale. The dam engineer informed that the water level of 6 metres will be maintained in the dam throughout the whole summer. 

An average of 160 mld of water from the Thumbe dam is supplied to various domestic, commercial, large-scale industries and wholesale connections. The robust water flow in the Nethravathi river will ensure enough and more water to the houses at its banks.  Similarly the vented dams across Falguni river at Moodushedde and Karavoor are providing the locals with required water for agriculture and consumption. 

Though no water crises is expected this year, people are to take it as their own responsibility to conserve water and use it judiciously. 

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