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Manipal, MIT campus declared containment zone

The Udupi district administration has declared the MIT campus of the Manipal province as a containment zone on Wednesday evening. Owing to the rising covid cases, the MIT campus in particular experienced about 52 covid cases of which 27 have been tested positive, over the last two days.

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The decision to seal down the MIT campus, restricting the movement of students on and off campus and hostel has been confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner of Udupi-Dr. G Jagadeesh. Also the area in the vicinity of the MIT campus has been cordoned off to curb the spread of the virus. A round of fresh covid tests are to be conducted to students on campus, owing to the current situation. 

The administrative officials inform that the restrictions are only confined to the MIT campus of Manipal and other areas of the town are free of the containment zone label. 

The Registration of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has declared the onset of online classes. There has been a postpone of laboratory sessions. The academic area will be out of containment but the hostel premises will be under restriction of movement. Any examinations scheduled in teh coming two weeks will be postponed, concluded the registrar. 

The MIT administration under MAHE have informed the staff and students regarding the suspension of offline classes for two weeks. The same will be followed by other affiliated Institutes under MAHE. 

The Udupi district officials are on the pace of collecting details on all Covid -19 cases reported from MAHE. These collected details will be used to take any further decision regarding the ways to curtail the spread. Also many MAHE students stay outside the campus premises. 

Out of the 33 cases reported from Udupi 27 of them have been tested positive from MIT campus, MAHE. This came during the same time when Karnataka reported 1,000 cases for the first time in three months. With the surge of cases from the last two weeks in the state, it has become mandatory for the travellers from Maharashtra and Kerala to carry a negative Covid-19 test report. 

After the discussion with the Prime minister the chief minister denied all the speculations of fresh lockdown, hence the status of Karnataka remains unchanged. 

Previously during November 2020 a similar spike in Covid cases was observed in MAHE with less than 1% positivity. So the classes were held unperturbed. 

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