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Manya Singh- Thrown down to crown

Success is a companion of only those who are adamant to be it’s friend. Hailing from Gorakhpur-Uttar Pradesh, from the home of a humble auto-rickshaw driver, Manya desired to study like kids of other households. With a spark of desire in eyes Manya took a bold step and transformed her dreams to destiny. Now Manya proudly stands as the runner up of VLCC Femina Miss India 2020.

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Manya went through a tough childhood. When other kids of her age went to schools and read books, she shed blood, sweat and tears to complete her degree. Her mom, strong pillar in her endeavor, pledged her jewelry to fund for her exams and education. Food and water scarcity, adding to the family’s financial instability, Manya decided to pave her own path. 

As a run away at a young age, Manya strived to meet the ends. Pursuing her education during day, washed dishes in the evening and worked in the call centre at night. She walked miles together to cut down her expenses. Her ordeal also had her shine and clean others shoes. 

Every time Manya came across a challenge she thought of her parents and her younger brother. She remembers the time when she had to go without food after her escapade from Gorakhpur to Mumbai. Even during these times she thought of developing her skills for her destined future course. She opted for the job at the call centre not  with the idea of earning, but she wanted to improve her communication skills, moulding herself into a butterfly she wanted to turn into. 

This 14 year old runaway, is the crowned runner up of VLCC Femina Miss India 2020, Mumbai. With the smile plastered on her face, victory glistening in her eyes Manya Singh poses with her family, proud and inspiring many more like her. She stands as an epitome of staunch determination to never give up.

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