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Mattu Gulla Farmers in Udupi Rejoice Over Bumper Crop & Favorable Weather

Farmers in the district of Udupi are celebrating a bumper yield of the renowned Mattugulla this year. Known for its exceptional taste, Mattu Gulla has gained popularity throughout the state, with its cultivation limited to the Katapady Mattu region. Notably, this specific variety has received geographical identification (GI) recognition, further enhancing its reputation.

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Considered a vital source of livelihood for agriculturists in the Mattu area, the sowing of Mattu Gulla seeds traditionally takes place in October. Normally, the vegetable is in high demand for making sambar and fetches a market price of Rs 200 per kilogram. However, this year has seen a unique occurrence, as the delayed rains have extended the availability of Mattu Gulla even into the month of May.

With the imminent arrival of the monsoon in the first week of June, farmers in the Mattu area have started clearing the plants to make way for paddy-related work. This decision comes as a relief to the farmers, who have faced crop losses in previous years due to incessant rains during the summer months.

The success of this year’s harvest has brought financial gains to the Mattu Gulla growers, offering a much-needed return on their investment. The absence of rain during the crucial summer period has significantly contributed to this positive outcome.

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