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MCC Introduces Online Rent Payment System for Commercial Complexes and Buildings

The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) is taking steps towards digitalization, allowing owners of shopping complexes, commercial buildings and traders doing business in MCC-owned buildings to pay their rents online. This new online portal will give exact details of previous pending rents and the rent that needs to be paid in the current month.

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The MCC has already made several services available online, such as property tax, trade licenses, water bill payment, and birth and death certificates. By digitalizing the rent of commercial complexes, the MCC aims to make the process more efficient, as traders previously had to visit the MCC and fill out forms to make payments. The online portal will eliminate the need for such visits and make it easier for traders to pay their rent on time.

There are currently 26 market buildings, three commercial complexes and the central office building consisting of 1050 outlets under MCC ownership. In addition to this, the booking of Kudmul Ranga Rao town hall and Ambedkar Bhavan at Urwa can also be done online in the future, after paying the specified rent.

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