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MIA Now Has Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

  Now we can use high-speed Wi-Fi service at Mangaluru International Airport (MIA), as they recently activated free high-speed Wi-Fi service in the integrated terminal building. The service will help passengers — both domestic and international — with high-speed Wi-Fi for two hours. 

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  The airport has also set up Wi-Fi access points in the city side extension area of the integrated terminal building. This will soon be dedicated for public use.

   To get the service passengers need to turn on their Wi-Fi on their gadgets and select ‘[email protected]’ and they will be directed to the page of the Wi-Fi web portal. They will be given two options — mobile number or coupon — with the latter option normally for international passengers who land with an inactive local sim or with an international mobile number. Passengers will be prompted to receive their OTP after entering the mobile number and  Wi-Fi gets activated on entering the OTP. 

  International passengers need to approach the ‘May I Help You’ counters located at arrival/ departure areas with their passports. Customer service executives will provide them with scratch coupons with OTP to activate the service.


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