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MIA opens the International arrival hall at NITB

Continuing its endeavour to improve passenger amenities, Mangaluru International Airport on November 23 opened the international arrival hall at the new integrated terminal building (NITB) for passenger use. Flight IX 814 was the first flight to dock with the aerobridge at stand 6. Passengers used the aerobridge to reach the first floor of the hall and collected their luggage from baggage belt 5 on the ground floor.

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Two new aerobridges at stands 5 and 6, respectively, enable passengers to enter the new arrival hall seamlessly. Adequate counters have been set up for the airport health organisation and immigration officials to process the passengers. Post-screening of their hand baggage and personal frisking by the customs officials, the passengers move down to the ground floor to the baggage carrousels to collect their luggage.

The entire set-up of India Customs has been relocated from the earlier international arrival hall area to the adjacent newly set-up office space for them in the NITB. Even the duty-free outlet has been shifted to the ground floor of the newly dedicated passenger facility. After collecting their baggage from the designated carrousels, passengers exit through the recently operationalised lower ground floor (LGF).

The initial impressions received from the passengers about the arrival hall have been very encouraging. A couple that was the first to arrive at the new international arrival hall stated that the facility is impressive and should serve the stakeholders well. Even the crew of Air India Express flight IX 814 expressed their happiness at the efforts taken by the airport to ensure that passenger convenience is given the utmost importance.

The induction of this facility is part of the modernisation plan for the Mangaluru International Airport.

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