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MIA Operationalizes Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Close on the heels of procuring two electric sports utility vehicles for operational use at the asset, Mangalore International Airport on 1st August operationalized an electric vehicle charging station. This step further reinforces commitment of this coastal #GatewayToGoodness to ‘Go Green’ and reduce its carbon footprint. This charging station will be made available for use internally and for the public.

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The direct-current fast electric vehicle charging station is located at traffic island four near the flag post. The station has two 60-kW combined charging system (CCS) 2 type gun charger installed, where two electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. MIA is also planning to install one more electric vehicle charging station on the airside exclusively for future use when it fleet of EV’s is set to increase from the present two.

The charging station is capable of charging 30 vehicles in 24-hours. Potential users must download ATGLs EV App that is available on both Android and iOS. One can use the time, energy, and money mode to charge EVs. In the time mode, a user may select the time that one wishes to charge the vehicle, in the energy mode can opt for number of units that the vehicle needs to be charged and charge for a specified amount in the last mode.

There is also a provision for fleet cards that large operators can avail to charge their EVs. With a gradual shift towards electric vehicles and proliferation of electric vehicles set to rise and the government too promoting it, the presence of EV charging station at a public utility will only reassure EV owners to use this green mode of transport while planning their next ride to the airport, knowing that they can also charge up, if the need arises.

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