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Multilingual Community of Mangalore City

Ever thought of moving to a new city for your studies or work and wondered if you would be able to adapt in a city where your mother tongue is not used?

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 Well, Mangalore is the place for you. The city has numerous prestigious educational institutions, work options and the best part of all – they speak many languages! Some of the languages in use in the city of Mangalore are as follows: Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Beary, Malayalam, Hindi and English. That’s enough languages to help life in the city. The existence of so many languages in this one place is all because Mangalore is visited by students from every length of the country as well as from outside the country. The city is a popular destination for students aspiring to finish their higher studies. Most of these students are from states like Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra and the North Eastern states.

Language is the key to human communication and often times it has been observed that those who speak multiple languages tend to have a more open and non-judgmental outlook towards other cultures and people. The people of Mangalore have always been welcoming to the people of other states and of countries around the world there by making the city very diverse which is also the reason behind the city being very tourist-friendly. Not much effort needs to be put in trying to learn the language of the people native to Mangalore because they are in fact multi lingual. In the four years that I – a Malayali – have called Mangalore my home, not once did I find it difficult to articulate what I had to say to a native Mangalorean – as the word goes – whether it was letting a bus conductor know which stop I would like to get off at or even while commuting without my Kannada speaking friends. I have always been able to make it to my destination without issues.

A city’s heart lies in its common people and the auto drivers and bus conductors of Mangalore are the best examples for this.  The essence of the city lies with its rickshaw-walas who can speak almost any language. Thus no matter how lost you are, or how out of place you feel in the city because you don’t speak their language, don’t worry, a rickshaw will take you home because they will speak your language and make you feel comfortable.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, the people of the city of Mangalore are very open-minded. As a result of which you will find them asking you to teach them your mother tongue out of pure curiosity. This unconditional welcome is extended to every newcomer to the city with the best of intentions.

However it is always easy for us to stick to our comfort zone and speak only our language just because we know the other person is sure to understand. Be that as it may, if you spend just a little bit of your time trying to decipher and learn their language it will come to you easier than you would expect it to. A little bit of an open mind and readiness to learn can help you learn a whole new language. Mangalore awaits your visit; be sure to visit the land of diversity and love before too long.

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