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‘Namma Netravathi, Namma Javabdari – Stop Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

APD Foundation – Hasiru Dala is organizing ‘Namma Netravathi, Namma Javabdari’, a unique campaign at Netravathi Bridge to create awareness and prevent people from discarding waste into the Netravathi River. This initiative is being supported by Mangaluru City Corporation and Ullal Nagara Sabha.

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This campaign also aims to help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. The campaign is spread over six days from Monday, 18th to Saturday 23rd of January, 2021 from 6am to 9am. Large number of volunteers from different organizations will assemble along the bridge at daybreak every day to create awareness among the people to desist from dumping waste into the river. Many activities including forming ‘human chain’ are planned.

Sri Rayappa, Commissioner of Ullal Nagara Sabha participated in the campaign on Monday, 18th January, 2021. Many other officials and people’s representatives are expected to participate in this campaign. “I appreciate this effort to create awareness on cleanliness and prevent pollution of Netravathi River. I will participate in this campaign every day and I shall also take strict action against the violators,” Sri Rayappa said.

‘Boskyorbs’, a volunteer youth group who have been undertaking anti pollution activities at Bengre side of Netravathi River, actively took part in the campaign. “Most of the trash that we collecting while cleaning the Netravathi River at Bengre originates from Netravathi Bridge,” said the members of Boskyorbs team. Sri Sheena Shetty, the director of Jana Shikshana Trust, and Mohammed Fauzan Shiek, an activist volunteer better known as ‘Big Bang’ too supported and participated.

Nagraj Ragav Anchan of Hasiru Dala and Vanishree B.R. of APD Foundation coordinated the campaign. APD Foundation – Hasiru Dala have identified hotspots around Mangalore where waste is entering the waters and where residents are indiscriminately disposing waste. The discarded waste includes household garbage, meat waste, fruit and vegetable waste from vendors and markets. The water pollution can easily be avoided if every stakeholder takes it as their own responsibility to protect Netravathi, the lifeline of Mangaluru. ‘Namma Netravathi, Namma Javabdari’ seeks to bring the citizens together and protect the Netravathi.

“Netravathi River is the lifeline of Mangaluru city. Cooperation of every citizen is needed to keep it pollution free. It is very important that people stop throwing waste into the river. We urge all citizens to stop this unhealthy practice of throwing waste which will eventually the reach sea,” said Abdullah A. Rehman, CEO and Founder of APD Foundation. Nalini Shekar, co-founder of Hasiru Dala, said: “Water resources are precious for a community’s survival. As our consumption increases, the waste also increases and so does our responsibility for its appropriate disposal. Integrating and practicing sustainable living is the next step.”

For further details contact:
– Ms. Vanishree B. R. (Convener, APD Foundation): Mobile: 87621 62036
– Mr. Nagraj Ragav Anchan (Convener, Hasiru Dala): Mobile: 9663506158

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