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Nandini Milk Price May lift by Rs.3

Price for milk to be increased by three rupees a litre proposed Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF).KMF, even though earlier there was a hike in the price could not go ahead as the government was reluctant to approve the proposal, has again approached the chief minister with a request to approve the proposed price hike.

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  The general body of KMF which was presided over by the chairman has given a positive response to hike milk price by three rupees a litre. He told the scribes that Nandini was the cheapest milk in India and that all the milk unions in the state have been requesting an upward revision. He said that the entire hike will be transferred to dairy farmers by giving the benefit to them and KMF will not benefit. He said he proposes to discuss the matter with the chief minister.

  He also added that to extend the sale of Nandini products all over the country, Nandini Mega Food Park is being set up at Belagavi. All products including paneer, cheese-based products and other sweets will be sold all over the country right from rural places to cities, and a programme, ‘Vision-2025’ has been drawn up for integrated market development. The mega food park will help in expanding the sale of Nandini products in Goa and Maharashtra. There is encouraging demand for Nandini products in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Goa and other places. Also, a unique product to set up by Hassan district cooperative union,  a new pet bottle unit where flavoured milk, lassi, yogurt etc will be produced.

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