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New Rules For Driving Licenses

To all the drivers and planning to be drivers, some relaxing news, To get a driving license, you no longer need to make rounds of the Regional Transport Office (RTO), or stand in long lines. Now, the central government has made the rules very easy for making driving licenses.

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According to the amendments made in the rules for driving license, now you will not need to give any kind of driving test by visiting RTO. These rules have been notified by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and these rules have also come into force. Due to this, they are lying on the waiting list of RTO for driving licenses, there will be a big relief.

Also, now you will not have to wait for the test in RTO to get a driving license. You can get yourself registered for a driving license in any recognized driving training school. They will have to take training from Driving Training School and pass the test there, a certificate will be given to the applicants by the school. On the basis of this certificate, the driving license of the applicant will be issued.

What are the new rules?

There are also some guidelines and conditions from the Ministry of Road and Transport regarding training centres. This includes the area of ​​training centres for the education of the trainer. Let’s understand this.

1. The authorized agency shall ensure that the training centres for a two-wheeler, three-wheeler and light motor vehicles have at least one acre of land, for the centres for medium and heavy passenger goods vehicles or trailers, two acres will be required.

2. The trainer should be at least 12th class pass and should have at least five years of driving experience, should be well versed in traffic rules.

3. The ministry has also prescribed a teaching curriculum. For driving light motor vehicles, the duration of the course will be a maximum of 4 weeks lasting up to 29 hours. The syllabus of these driving centres will be divided into 2 parts. Theory and Practical.

4. People have to spend 21 hours learning to drive on basic roads, rural roads, highways, city roads, reversing and parking, uphill and downhill driving etc. The theory part will cover 8 hours of the entire course, it will include understanding road etiquette, road rage, traffic education, understanding the causes of accidents, first aid and driving fuel efficiency.

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