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New Vehicles Must Have Highly Secure Registration Plates Before Being Driven on Roads, Government Mandates

A new notification by the union ministry for road transport and highways requires all new vehicles to have a Highly Secure Registration Plate (HSRP) before they can be taken on the road, effective from March 3, 2022. However, many buyers are unaware of this new rule and expect to take delivery of their vehicle as soon as they make payment to the dealer. Despite efforts by dealers to inform buyers of the requirement for an HSRP, some buyers mistakenly believe that it is the dealer’s responsibility rather than a government mandate.

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Unlike in the past, new vehicles no longer need to be taken to the RTO for registration. The entire registration process is now done online, with the registration number automatically generated as soon as the buyer makes payment. Those who desire a specific, unique number can visit the RTO and pay an additional fee for the customization. Once the registration number is generated, it is sent to the individual responsible for producing the number plates.

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