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NITK unveils unique environment friendly e-bike ‘VidhYug 4.0’

Students from NITK Surathkal have designed an environmentally friendly e-bike named ‘VidhYug 4.0’ that is suitable for the movement of the Kudremukh forest guards/police, perhaps for the first time, under the guidance of Prof Prithwiraj, assistant professor, department of water resources and Ocean Engineering at their institute. This one-of-a-kind bike was unveiled at the Shola Utsav in Kudremukh, Karkala. This e-bike is powered by solar batteries and can travel 70 kilometers after a full battery. It’s small and light, with a distinctive design for travel in forest regions.

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Prof Prithwiraj, the project’s leader, stated that while there are bikes intended to let police officers from other agencies move about more easily, the forest protection police have yet to develop their vehicles. As per him, this e-bike was created with this in mind. This bike comes with a walkie-talkie, books, a cell phone, a GPS gadget, and a charging pocket. This bike can charge up to two smartphones at the same time. Water may be stored in one of two watertight box-like compartments at the rear, while food, first aid kit, and other items can be kept in the other.

He claimed that the bike is designed to run silently and without causing harm to the environment. If you charge it for three to four hours, it can operate for 70 kilometers. Its headlight may be turned back on and used as a torch at night. When it comes to e-mobility, coal is occasionally used. However, we exclusively use sustainable energy sources here. With a 2 kW power engine and a 72-volt 33 km/h lithium-ion battery, the e-bike offers a 30 cm ground clearance. There are plans to add an IR bulb to the headlamp to increase the bike’s capacity. Animals’ eyes are irritated by the lights on bicycles. As a result, an infrared lamp will be installed, allowing the rider to see the way.

With research, the motor fitted to the bike undergoes adjustments. The existing brushless DC motor will be replaced with an SRM motor. Anuradha and Sandesh, Ph.D. research experts, are investigating these issues. Students from NIT-Center K’s for System Design, where students from several areas join together to collaborate on projects, were participating. Mechanical, civil, and Mechatronics students, as well as IT students, were involved in this project.

Prof Prithwiraj guided Rakshit, Steevan, Rajat, Latish, Sandesh, and Anuradha in creating the design. The total cost of the design was Rs 1.5 lac. The government has already issued several regular-looking motorcycles to forest surveillance agents, but this type is unique. Patrolling by bike is usually a good idea. The characteristics are appealing. However, we must investigate its efficacy in terrain areas. It should be evaluated for practicality and cost. Sanjai Mohan, IFS, principal chief conservation of forest, stated, “They will then make a decision.”


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