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NITK will implement a three-language signage policy on campus

The National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, will use Kannada in addition to the present Hindi and English on its signboards and nameplates. The decision to change the current signboards was made after Prasad Krishna, the director of NIT Calicut, took over as the director (additional charge) of NITK Surathkal a few months ago. Following the plan, According to the plan, Kannada will be listed first, then Hindi, and then English. By mid-December, all of the campus boards will have been replaced.

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For the past 60 years, the institution’s signs and other name boards have only been available both English and Hindi, as per Shyam Lal, adjunct professor of the department of communication and electronics engineering and faculty adviser (in-charge) of the Hindi Association. Overall, more boards and nameplates were written in English than Hindi. The general population, even students, had trouble reading them, though.

When Prasad Krishna took over, he decided to adhere to the campus’s trilingual policy. The process of altering the boards to three languages has already begun and will be completed by middle of December. According to Lal, “the expense will be carried by each department fund. The name boards of professors will also be updated”.

Lal further stated that this is a Ministry of Education directive for encouraging regional languages on campus. Faculty at the technical campus applauded the change and noted that signboards in English and Hindi made it challenging for visitors from Karnataka as well as the locals to find departments or offices.

“This is a good development and will come in handy for those who can only read Kannada,” said a senior faculty.

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