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No Decision Regarding Reopening of Schools Yet

Suresh Kumar, the Education Minister for primary and secondary education informed the public that the decision regarding reopening of schools in the state has not been made yet. The Chief Minister is yet to take a decision as he is in anticipation of the report from the Commissioner of Public Instruction who is set to speak to stakeholders within two days.

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Discussions will be conducted between the commissioner and departments of social welfare, backward classes, health, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike as well as all school development monitoring committees in all taluks within the following two days. A meeting with the Deputy Director of Public Instructions and Block Education Officers was conducted on Tuesday. A meeting was held between Unaided schools in five southern districts of Karnataka. Suggestions from this meeting will be taken into account. 

However, there is no haste to reopen schools, said the government. An analysis of those states which have reopened schools will be made so as to devise a suitable, safe and productive plan of action. 

The outreach programme called Vidyagama will also not restart. No decision regarding the same has been made yet. The programme was halted due to fear of the spread of Covid- 19. Education and learning of students who have enrolled for the same will however continue using online platforms like Whatsapp and Youtube videos. Classes will also be taken utilising the television programme Samveda. 

Online education seems to be the mode of education that will continue for the time being. As reopening of schools could mean that a larger number of students risk contracting the virus and spreading it, it is better that students learn in the safety of their homes.

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