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No use of plastic on Ullal, Someshwar beach – Action against violators

After seeing an increase in attendance, the urban local bodies of Someshwara and Ullal have declared beaches plastic-free. On October 31, both urban local governments organized a beach cleaning campaigns and designated the tourist spots to be plastic-free zones. Officials from the Someshwara Town Municipality and the Ullal City Municipality have been assigned to keep an eye on the beaches in their respective localities. Every day, revenue officers from local governments have been visiting beaches to enforce plastic prohibition.

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As Sri Somanatha Temple is adjacent to Someshwara Beach, the Ullal Syed Madani Darga is only 2 kilometers away. Hundreds of visitors have flocked to the district’s holy attractions and beaches following a drop in COVID-19 cases. As per the chief officer of the Someshwara town municipality, plastic has been prohibited in all temple towns and beach establishments. If they use or sell plastic carry bags and other things, they risk losing their business license. On the temple grounds and beaches, signs prohibiting visitors and worshippers from using plastic carry bags have been posted. 

They will carefully enforce the restrictions to make the area plastic-free. Several attempts have been made, as per the Ullal city municipality commissioner, to preserve Ullal beach plastic-free. They have advised beach kiosks not to offer tea and coffee in plastic cups. Officials have been coming to the beach daily to enforce the plastic prohibition. Emphasis is being placed on keeping the beach litter-free.


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