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Not Likely To Face Water Crisis This Summer Says Mayor.

As summer is hitting within months, the city is unlikely to face a drinking water crisis during peak summer this year as there is a sufficient inflow of water to the vented dam at Thumbe.

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Mayor Premanand Shetty said on Monday the city corporation will direct AMR Power authorities to store water to its maximum level in their dam situated upstream to Thumbe vented dam if inflow reduces.

The vented dam at Thumbe built across the Nethravathi river supplies water to Mangalore, Ullal, Mulki and many villages is almost brimming due to increased inflow. The seven-metre-high dam has water stored to its full capacity of 14.78 MCM. Even if there is no inflow, the stored water in the dam will be sufficient for 48 days, the mayor said, adding the city may not face a crisis this summer.

About 160 MLD of water is pumped to Mangalore daily from Thumbe. The water-level in Thumbe dam had come down to 3.48 metres as against the maximum storage capacity of 6 metres in 2019, before the storage capacity was increased to 7 metres. The water cannot be lifted if the water level reaches below 1.5 metres in the dam, officials said.

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