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Not Many Students Attend Offline Classes

When degree colleges resumed its education in the offline mode on Tuesday,  many students could not attend them. Physical classes in colleges had remained shut due to the outbreak of Covid-19 since late March 2020.

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Many students have chosen not to attend classes owing to difficulties caused by the pandemic. However, science students who attended classes opined that it was easier for them to understand laboratory concepts only if they are physically present in class. On the other hand, arts students were of the opinion that their subject requires more reading rather than physical classes for which materials can be provided by the college library. 

Thus, in many colleges, the number of students who have been able to come for offline classes are very limited. Because of the current situation, parents are unwilling to send their children to colleges. It can be expected that attendance will remain small in the coming days as well unless parents are convinced that it is safe for their children to attend colleges where a lot of social interaction happens. Many parents feel that they would choose losing an academic year over getting terribly ill for their wards. Thus, they abstain from signing consent forms. 

In addition to these issues, students have to spend on travel. There are many students in Karnataka who have moved out of their hometowns to pursue their education.  During the lockdown period,  many of these students had moved back home. When offline classes were announced, it meant that they had to find means to travel safely to their colleges. This difficulty has made them opt out of the offline mode of colleges.

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