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Now buy QR Code ‘stories’ for headstones of loved ones

A Mangalore-based local business introduces amemori, a QR Code chip that can be attached to headstones to store memories of a loved one who has passed, in the form of social media ‘stories’.

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The story media is hosted on the amemori website and provided by the customer. When a visitor to the cemetery scans the QR Code with their phone, a page opens up on their browser in the form of ‘stories’ similar to those on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. The stories may include images, videos, audio and text.

amemori’s video explainer tells us, ‘Imagine if you could quickly scan a QR code and be immersed into the life of the person below through highlights and interactive media. With amemori, we make it possible.

’ “It’s a way of preserving people’s stories and an innovative approach to memorialisation,’ says a headline on the amemori website.

Through innovation, amemori uses technology to take the centuries’ old tradition of raising memorials to loved ones, to new heights. With the acrylic and brass QR codes, memories can be preserved, and stories can be told about loved ones in a new way.

Priya from says, “The idea came up from a discussion about how people were sharing their loved ones’ memories on social media, such as Instagram stories, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The stories on Instagram disappear after 24 hours. We wanted to make it last longer and preserve them on the gravestones.

amemori has a few different pricing plans. For each pricing plan, the business provides a personalized webpage that can include an obituary, photos, videos, a written family history, etc., that can be viewed for generations to come. The QR code chip can be attached to existing or new headstones or any memorial with a clean and smooth surface.

Plans start at INR 999 for up to 3 stories and an acrylic chip. Brass chips are provided for higher plans.

Get amemori today to ensure your loved ones have a lasting tribute to life.

Visit thier website:

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