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Nthadventure Presents Namma Adventure race Workshop

NthAdventure has sponsored India’s first 24-hour race as part of the Asia Regional Series as part of a campaign to expand adventure racing in India. The event was supposed to take place in 2020, but it was postponed, like so many others. Now is the ideal moment to go forward and encourage Adventure Tourism in India.

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The event will be held at the coastal town of Mulki, Mangalore, Karnataka, India, and will be sponsored by several stakeholders and partners who have pledged their enthusiastic support. The Namma Adventure Race is a 130-kilometer (24-hour) route with kayaking, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, orienteering, and local cultural components. All competing teams will earn ARWS Asia ranking points, and the winning team will receive free entry to the India Regional Championship in September 2022.

The race is appropriate for both beginners and expert competitors. To finish the race, you’ll need a basic understanding of navigation, stamina, outdoor abilities, and tenacity. Only 20 teams will be allowed to compete, and all safety procedures will be followed, with medical aid accessible along the route. This event would be a stepping stone for prospective Indian teams to represent their country in regional and world championships explain race director Ajita Madan. India is well-known for its history, hospitality, culture, cuisines, and breathtaking scenery, making it an ideal location for adventure racing.

Every race includes a variety of local and cultural events, in keeping with the spirit of the sport and to boost local tourism. India has everything adventure racers need, and we need your help to expand the sport so that India can compete in the World Championships in the coming years. Sayeesha Kirani, the race director, says they have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now we can finally invite and welcome athletes from our own country and neighboring nations.

Being a member of the ARWS ASIA SERIES gives adventure racing in India a huge boost. We are ecstatic to show off our nation to the adventure racing community and to encourage people from all around Asia and the world to join us in taking on the challenge and interacting with the local populations. Now adventure racing is becoming recognized by many different businesses, he continued, and we are glad to be partners with the brands that are helping us expand the adventure racing community.

 NthAdventure is an adventure racing company established in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, that is driven by a love of the sport. The primary goal of NthAdventure is to promote and expand Adventure Racing and Orienteering in India. Both Race Directors have participated in several expedition races, including Expedition Africa, GODZone, and Expedition India. Since 2017, they’ve been holding seminars, training sessions, webinars, and several sprint events to enable Indian teams to get ready for the international stage. Now a member of the ARWS ASIA Regional Series, the organization is working hard to take the sport to the next level in India.


Namma Adventure Race Partners:

  • Kayak Boy
  • Neil Productions
  • Unexplored Club Tours LLP
  • Kati Patang
  • Stairs Physiotherapy & Fitness  
  • Kanachur Institute of Medical Science
  • Café Olive Planet
  • Decathlon, Mangalore

For more information about NthAdventure and to find out about the Namma Adventure Race and the AR World Series Asia, please visit

If you are a brand and interested to collaborate & support building adventure community in India do connect with: [email protected]


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