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Karnataka will increase its vigilance, and contacts will be traced within 24 hours

With the Omicron variety spreading rapidly throughout the world and 19 cases reported in Karnataka, the government issued an order on Wednesday urging officials to increase surveillance by resuming the use of the Quarantine Watch app. The chief secretary of the health and family welfare department issued an immediate order to all district authorities to provide dedicated employees for contact tracing, quarantine, and home isolation monitoring.

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The Bureau of Biosciencesmbiomarkers (BBMP) issued a circular outlining action to avoid the third wave of the H1N1 virus from occurring. Within 24 hours, the main and secondary contacts of COVID-positive people must be traced, tracked, and quarantined, as per the circular. If they test positive, they must follow the state’s COVID policy for treatment and management. Quarantine is required for international travelers from high-risk nations for seven days from the day of arrival.

BBMP begins third wave preparation

ICUs may have to be put up in hotels, as was done during the second wave’s peak. Private hospitals have been advised to update their memorandums of understanding with medical oxygen providers and guarantee that they are prepared to share beds with the government if the number of patients rises. In Bengaluru, the bed occupancy rate hasn’t altered, and they don’t see any signs of a third wave,” as per the BBMP’s chief health officer.

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