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Online Scammers Defraud 100 Victims in India of Rs 2.5 Crore in Work-From-Home Scams

Online scams are becoming increasingly prevalent in India, causing significant financial losses and emotional distress to unsuspecting individuals. In conversations with almost 100 victims of online fraud, it was discovered that collectively, they lost over 2.5 crore rupees to scammers. The scam often starts with scammers pretending to be HR representatives from well-known companies and luring victims with promises of easy money through social media accounts and YouTube videos. Victims are then added to a Telegram group where scammers create fake crypto trading platforms and ask victims to invest money and perform certain tasks to multiply their investment.

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To protect themselves from falling victim to online scams, internet users in India must be cautious and vigilant. It is crucial to verify the legitimacy of work-from-home opportunities or online businesses before investing time or money, and to be skeptical of unsolicited messages or emails. Individuals should not trust messages, emails, or phone calls that ask for personal information, financial transactions, or investments.

Victims of online scams have also expressed confusion about how scammers are able to open bank accounts in reputable banks and register them as companies. Banks must be more proactive in freezing fraudulent accounts when they notice big and unusual transactions. Scammers take advantage of privacy features on platforms like Telegram, where they can communicate in groups without revealing their phone numbers, and often delete all their chats and account information, making it challenging to track them down.

In conclusion, heightened awareness and proactive measures are needed to safeguard against fraudulent activities. By taking simple yet important steps to protect themselves, individuals can avoid falling victim to online scams and prevent significant financial losses and emotional distress.

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