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Online shopping has advantages over offline options, yet it’s entirely at one’s convenience

Customers now have benefits over those who purchase in brick-and-mortar stores thanks to the use of the internet as a shopping medium.  It can be identified in the terms of:

  • time and effort savings;
  •  a strong research tool;
  • less expensive search and better product options;
  • better price information and cheaper prices
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1. Convenience and time savings: Compared to purchasing in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping is more convenient and time-saving. The inability to purchase in physical venues like stores and shopping malls may be a result of consumers’ changing lives and lack of time.

2. A strong research tool: The Internet may be a useful research tool for consumers during the shopping process. Reviews and suggestions play a big role in influencing a consumer’s decision to buy particular products, such books and Videos/CDs/DVDs. Customers can simply get reviews and suggestions for these products, which are typically inaccessible in physical locations, in addition to browsing through a wider range on websites.
Customers that shop online may also make their purchases “offline” from a physical storefront, and vice versa. According to Forrester Research, 46% of internet purchasers research online before making a purchase offline, 27% do the same for online purchases before making an offline purchase, and 17% do both.

3. Less expensive search and better product options: Customers are not required to leave their homes to shop because they may do so comfortably and conveniently from home. Shoppers can find various vendors online by using search engines and websites meant to guide them, examine full product information from a range of vendors’ websites, compare price and quality among different vendors, and make purchases online.
Online buying eliminates the expenses and gaps in information associated with traditional hierarchical search, making product searches simpler and more efficient. For instance, a customer can browse more than 3 million novels on an online site from their home computer screen rather than visiting a conventional bookshop, which typically has 80,000 items.

4. Better price information and cheaper prices: Customers can more easily compare prices between sellers thanks to the internet. The prices of the goods are listed on the websites of online sellers. As opposed to visiting many physical stores, which is expensive and time-consuming, customers can readily get and compare pricing by just checking numerous vendor websites. With price information available on the Internet, buyers are less likely to overspend when purchasing from physical businesses that may manipulate prices to the shopper’s detriment.

You are all aware that internet shopping allows customers to purchase things at any time that is convenient for them; yet, unlike offline buying, online shopping does not allow customers to touch or feel the product. “Choice”,  “Chance” & “Change”.   You must make a “Choice”  To take a “Chance” or you will never “Change”


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