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Onslaught of triple mutated Covid strain on the Nation

The sudden surge in cases with  2,000 plus deaths in 24hours is seen in the nation. The challenge lies in curbing the new mutated triple Covid strain. Parts of the nation have observed the effect of triple strain of Covid virus making it three times stronger due to mutation. West Bengal, Maharashtra and Delhi have succumbed to this new Covid strain. As per the experts the new variants of Covid are creating a global havoc. The experts state that the new strain is easily transmissible , sickening the masses quickly.

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Though the specialists are altering the vaccine, it is indeed an Herculean task to provide positive results owing to the meagre information on the disease as a whole. So the challenge lies for our nation where there is a need for a strong sequencing base. 

The reports state that the delayed detection of the double mutated Covid strain has led to the spurt of new triple mutated variants. These mutations are the result of swiftly spreading virus, replicating very fast. 

Just like how the two strains Covid combined to form a more powerful double mutated Covid variant, three strains make a triple mutated Covid variant. Knowledge about the epidemiology of this variant is scant, though the strain is seen globally. 

Ten labs across our nation are currently focusing on genome studies of these variants. The double variants easily infect children and have high pathogenicity. But the new mutated variant is more of a ‘variant of interest’ than ‘variant of concern’ for Indian scientists. 

As far as the vaccines are concerned no specific updates have been received. But the experts believe that two of the three strains have a dodging effect. These two strains of the combination seem to be immune to the existing vaccine antibodies against Covid. 

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