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Order issued to conduct Surya Namaskar in all Karnataka PU colleges

From January 1 to February 7, the state’s Pre-university Education Department has urged all PU colleges to organize Surya Namaskar sessions. Furthermore, on January 26, it requested that the same be done with music by the school authorities.

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All lecturers, teachers, principals, students, and non-teaching personnel are required to participate in the activity. Details of the same must then be given to the PU board’s educational wing. In a letter dated December 16, the Central Educational Department requested that all state school bodies practice Surya Namaskar.

The National Yogasana Sports Federation has decided to have three lakh students from 30,000 colleges in 30 states do 75 crore Surya Namaskar. The federation has determined that 21 days out of the total 38 days between January 1 and February 7 will be spent in the morning assembly. Those who perform 273 Namaskars in 21 days from January 1 to February 7 will receive an E-certificate. It’s being done as part of the country’s 75th-anniversary festivities.

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