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Petrol And Diesel Prices Sky Rocket

Prices of petrol and diesel across the country are continuing on an increasing spree for the tenth consecutive day. The normal petrol price in Rajasthan has reached to Rs.100.49 a litre. Huge spikes in rates of crude and products have been noted in the global oil market. As a result, oil marketing companies  have raised pump prices of petrol and diesel by 34 paise and 32 paise per litre respectively in Delhi. Now petrol rates in Delhi is Rs. 89.88 per litre while diesel rate is Rs. 80.27 per litre.

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Since the past 10 days, prices have increased by Rs. 2.93 per litre for petrol while the rise for diesel rate is by Rs 3.14 a litre.the rates all over the country has increased between a range of 30- 35 paise per litre in accordance with the level of local taxes on these products. 

Mumbai is only Rs. 4 away from reaching the three digit mark of Rs 100 for the first time ever. Price of diesel has reached Rs. 90 per litre.  In other metropolitan cities, petrol has crossed Rs. 90 whole diesel is over Rs. 80 per litre. In several cities including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, premium petrol rates have crossed Rs. 100. 

This increase was a result of firm global oil rates that have maintained gains in the past few days by reaching a barrel mark of $65. Because prices of fuels are at a base rate of 15 day rolling average of prices of global refined products and dollar exchange rate, prices are expected to keep increasing over the next few days if crude remains at the current rates.

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