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Premam Poojyam-The Movie is one of it’s kind A Treat to Cinema by Doctors of Mangalore

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One of the wonderfully directed comedy movies with clever dialogues, emotional scenes, a love story, and everything else a typical college student goes through! The plot is interesting, Doctor Sri Hari is a devoted cardiologist who enjoys and worships his work. Yojitha, a patient, finds his journal and learns about the love tale that helped him become a successful surgeon. and the spectator is attracted to the movie’s characters multiple times. Everything in this film is beautiful and refreshing, including the imagery, audio, and everything else! If you are or have been an MBBS student, the MBBS college story in the film will bring back many memories for you! Viewers may relive their college years in this film.

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Let’s enjoy a Kannada film, shall we? Put an end to the silence. The Tulu and Mangalore Kannada dialogues also strike a regional pride cord! They have filmed in a beautiful location in Mangalore and it’s a perfect film for the Mangalorean people. The Dialogues with wonderful humor keep you entertained till the end. With top-notch cinematography that can easily compete with any Indian film, this film can be a masterpiece for Kannada cinema. It’s a fantastic film that Kannadigas must-see. This very decent movie for decent people may be watched with seniors and children without causing any delicate circumstances while viewing. Mr. Prem’s acting is excellent in this story. People should see the movie with their families.

Meet three Kudla physicians who have been friends for years and whose passion for cinema has led them to become producers outside of their profession, with their first Kannada film, PREMAM POOJYAM, slated to be released soon.

Consider what life would be like if you didn’t have love! Consider what life would be like if you didn’t have friends. Consider a life devoid of any feelings. It is because of these aspects that our lives have become happier. This is a movie that every medical student must see at least once! Superb cinematography, beautiful songs, a compelling plot, and outstanding performances by each actor in the film will keep your mind engaged long after you have finished viewing it. Congratulations to the entire team.

It’s a family-friendly film; the story’s concept is great; the songs are very meaningful and melodic; the locales are quite lovely; when we’re watching the film, it transports us back to our college days; whoever hasn’t seen the film yet must do so; it’s a great movie.

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