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Proudly one of India’s cleanest cities – Namma Kudla

Early every morning one can spot the workers of the Mangalore City Corporation sweeping every nook and cranny of the streets of the city of Mangalore diligently. Every morning, they wake up early to dust and sweep the streets of the city so that the people of Mangalore can commute on roads that are clean. Like any other source of human resource, these workers are extremely important for the functioning of the city as it is them who pick up the trash and dispose of it without fail everyday. Their determination to keep the city as clean as possible gets them out of bed and out on the streets no matter what the weather. Come rain or shine, you can always find them out and about, determined to welcome the residents of the city to a new day with a clean environment.

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In the year 2014, prime minister Narendra Modi had urged the nation to keep their motherland clean and manage waste responsibly. Following in his footsteps, the citizens of the city along with the city corporation’s workers took to the streets determined to keep their homeland cleaner than ever before. Even though the flames of this determination died out in many other parts of the country, Mangalore kept going strong. It is important to note the important role played by the Ramakrishna Mission of Mangalore in setting excellent examples for the people by taking the lead and going on their own clean-mangalore mission. The butterfly effect created by this move of the Ramakrishna Mission was indeed huge as students of various colleges followed their lead and decided to do their part to keep the city they call to be their homes clean. 


Focusing on things like improving the quality of drinking water, making sure to prevent the pollution of water bodies,curbing diarrhoeal diseases, proper collection and management of solid waste and many more are the reason why the city of Mangalore is maintaining its title as being one of the cleanest cities in india. Prioritising the aforementioned factors is also one of the reasons why the citizens of mangalore can live in a healthy environment at all times. The tireless work of the Mangalore City Corporation workers along with the cooperation of the citizens help maintain the cleanliness of the city at any given point in time. This sets a good example for generations to come and in turn help in maintaining the cleanliness of the city as it is as important to be consistent in being clean as initiating several cleanliness drives. 

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